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About Us

 Established in 2014

Sunshine Surrogacy strives to provided the best serviice to it's Intended parents and Surrogate Mothers. We are the link that connects unfortunate people who wish to have families. With the helps of some of the top professional in the Fertility industry and technology we are able to help create families. Our surrogates and our Compnay work together to make sure the process is easy and full of wonderful memories.

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United States Team


Jaqueline Sanchez

Hi my name is Jaqueline Sanchez. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. As the COO of Sunshine Surrogacy and a former Surrogate mother my Goal is make sure our inteneded parents and our Surrogate mothers have the best experience in the industry. I have worked with many other agencies and extensive knowledge in the fertility industry. I look forward to working with you and making your dreams come true!



My name is Kenia Godinez and I am a representative of Sunshine Surrogacy. My husband and I are proud parents of 4 kids, that range from young adult college students to a high school student and my youngest boy who is still in elementary school. Having a family has been one of my life's passions and I'm very excited to help others start a family. I am a health enthusiast and when I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family. 



Hello! My name is Ariah and I am a Case Manager with Sunshine Surrogacy. I have been working in IVF Case Management for over 3 years now and truly love my role helping others building their family. I have both prior agency and clinical experience. Personally, I am a two time surrogate myself. I am married with 3 children and enjoy my family life in California



Hi my name is Erika and I am your personal Case Manager. I make sure to set up all your meeting times and make sure your experience as a surrogate mother is the best. I have three children and love working with intended parents who wish to have families of theri own. My Goal is to make sure I can provide the best service in the industry. I currently reside in Los Angles and I am happy to be working with Sunshine Surrogacy.

China Team


Simon Yang

Hi my name is Simon Yang. As the Assistant General Manager of Sunshine Surrogacy in China, I want to personally welcome you. I am a detailed-oriented person who always thinks ahead and makes sure I am always well-prepared to serve our clients. With over 18 years of experience in event management, dealing with high-end clients, business corporations, and political delegations, I have developed an ability to make everyone around me feel relaxed and connected. I enjoy meeting with our intended parents, and our surrogates to see how we are helping others to start a family. I am a father of a 4 year old girl and when I am not helping others I enjoy spending time with family in Shanghai, China, and Reading and writing calligraphy as my unique way of meditation.

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Doris Yi

My name is  Doris Yi, graduated from Hong kong university with Master degree of medical management. My previous job was at the HCA,the biggest medical group in the US. I am familiar with US medical system.My goal is to help more clients to fulfil their dreams of having babies.

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Max Sun

My name is Max Sun,I have been working in media and communication industry for over 15 years.As the Marketing Director of Sunshine Surrogacy,my goal is to share the most updated surrogacy information with China market and help more family to achieve their dreams.

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Annie Hua

I am Annie Hua,I have been working in medical industry for over 10 years,my motto is to treat every client as she is your own family.I will try my best to walk through the process with you with my expertise and passion.