Become An Egg Donor

Egg donation allows women to help other individuals who cannot have a healthy child with their own egg, it can be a very rewarding process

Egg Donation

"Many Couples dream of having a newborn child. Your egg could help them reach that dream and help them start a family. At Sunshine Surrogacy we have teamed up with some of the best clinics in the industry to make sure your experience is the best."

-Jaqueline Sanchez


  1. Between the age of 21 - 29.

  2. Regular monthly periods.

  3. No reproductive disorders or abnormalities.

  4. Physically and emotionally healthy.

  5. Willing to complete a background check souse included.

  6. BMI under 31( insert BMI calculator).

  7. Non-smoker and Non-drug user.

  8. Had no more than 5 deliveries.

  9. Not currently on Depo-Provera or contraceptive implants.

  10. Willing to undergo Medical and Psychological evaluation.

  11. Willing to take injectable medication.

  12. Willing to commit to the process.

  13. Willing to respond and communicate with Sunshine Surrogacy within 24 hours. 

Egg Donor



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